Waterfowl Management

For decades, Upper Brandon has been known for its waterfowl management practices on the East Coast Flyway.

The Farm is a perennial resting point for migratory waterfowl.  At any given time during the migratory goose season, the farm holds thousands of Canada Geese.  The Farm is also a wintering home to one of the largest populations of Tundra Swan in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Lastly, when the weather cooperates, Upper Brandon is a resting point for thousands of migratory ducks.

This is all a result of very strict, best waterfowl management practices and a dedicated management team with over 100 years of combined experience led by our Director, Bobby Swineford.  For decades, Upper Brandon has practiced plant and flood on a multitude of waterfowl impoundments.  The Farm has a 30+ acre sanctuary which is never hunted.  And, hunting pressure and locations are strictly regulated to ensure optimum conditions for waterfowl:  food, water, and rest.