Conservation Easement

In the early 1990’s, James River Corporation, the then owners of Upper Brandon, had the wisdom to protect into perpetuity the vast majority of Upper Brandon.

Upper Brandon was the first conservation easement recorded in Prince George County, Virginia and one of the first conservation easements in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Approximately 82% of the lands of Upper Brandon were forever protected by a conservation easement that is co-held by The American Farmland Trust and The Nature Conservancy.

These organizations were chosen given the diversity of lands being protected.  The easement has proven to be a model of how the 400+ year continuous agriculture legacy of Upper Brandon can be protected and can coexist with best management practices and a strong desire to protect our waterways and precious wetlands.

Upper Brandon enjoys an excellent relationship with these easement holders and welcomes them each spring to the farm for a review of compliance measures.  Most notably, Upper Brandon maintains lush 99-foot buffer strips between the James River and any agricultural fields.  There are additional, customary easement covenants and development restrictions which serve to protect the agricultural lands, timber, and wetlands.

Upper Brandon is proud to have excellent support from AFT and TNC on additional conservation projects planned on the farm.